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Residential Painting Services

Surface Preparation

Our surface preparation services include pressure washing, paint removal, drywall patching and texture application, priming and more.  Proper preparation of the surface to be painted is essential for the paint project to last and have a professional appearance.

Paint Samples for Interior and Exterior Painting

Surface Painting

Our painting services include painting walls, cabinets, fencing as well as decorative painting and more.  Once the surface has been properly prepared, we proceed with painting the surface with the color of your choice.

Paint Cans - Commercial Painting Services


We also provide coating services such as floor, epoxy, urethane, deck, concrete and more types of coatings to protect your surface.  We do custom painting and color matching as well.

Surface Preparation

Pressure Washing

Although we do not specifically offer pressure washing as a standalone service, it is always a part of the surface preparation for painting.  

Our pressure washing surfaces involves the use of high power washing to clean and remove dirt, loose paint, mold, mud, chewing gum and more from surfaces. 


Paint Removal

DeCoster Painting offers paint removal from surfaces.  Paint removal often is desired when wood surfaces have been painted over and the surface is being restored to its original wood appearance.

Drywall Preparation

We repair damage to drywall and/or apply texture prior to painting.  With our professional application, your walls will look beautiful when painted.

Stucco Preparation

We are experienced in patching and texturing stucco walls for a beautiful look once painted.

Wallpaper Removal

Our professionals will remove wallpaper in preparation for painting a wall surface.  

Surface Painting

Interior and Exterior Walls

Our painting services will result in excellent and beautiful results on both interior or exterior walls.  We know how to properly prepare the surface, the proper types of paint to use, and how to apply the paint for professional results.


Our painting services include prepping and painting your old kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  You may select a new color to be painted or choose to strip the paint or coating to the wood and refinish with a natural finish.

Decks and Fences

Need your outdoor deck and fences spruced up for a new look?  Our deck and fence painting services will accent the exterior of your building with a beautiful vista.

Door Refurbishing

We will strip and refurbish wood doors for a lasting and beautiful finish to enhance the attractiveness of your entry door and others.



We do paint-based waterproofing, including wood sealer, concrete sealer, and elastomeric coatings.

Floor Coatings

Our floor coating services will result in protection for your floors, whether they are residential or commercial applications.  We can apply a simple sealer, or a decorative finish to all floor surfaces.

Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings, for example, on a garage floor helps makes the floor resistant to chemical spills, abrasion, impacts and more.  We can provide Transparent, Semi-Transparent, or Solid Body Stains, Epoxy, or Urethane coatings, depending on your needs.  Concrete floor coatings will provide years of hard wear and great looks. 

UV Resistant Coatings

We provide specialty or clear coatings, which are UV Resistant, for those surfaces that you want to maintain and reduce discoloration and deterioration.  

Custom Painting

Want something special done?  Just call (209) 681-8040 and ask for a free estimate!

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Commercial Painting

Commercial Interior Painting at SaveMart
Savemart - A commercial exterior painting project
Savemart - A commercial interior painting project


200+ Color & Material Samples

Looking to decorate and paint?  Call us for an on-site appointment for a free estimate.  We will bring our sample colors and materials to help you decide what you would like to have done.

Paint Samples for Interior and Exterior Painting

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